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Free of charge consultation
Format: online, 30 min

Tell us about your project, formulate a request or ask a question.

We discuss your request and determine how we can help you, give several specific tools or options for solving your problem that can be applied in practice, share links to materials for additional study, everything is almost like a paid consultation, only without diving into your context and for the time allotted to it.

Price: free of charge

Extended consultation
Format: online or offline, 1-2 hours

As a part of the consultation, we discuss your questions regarding project management, implementation of organizational changes and IT solutions, launch or development of the project management office, selection and implementation of a project management information system, and development of competencies of participants in project activities.

You prepare questions, and send them 24 hours in advance. At the consultation, you will receive specific answers, recommendations, and links to materials for further study. We can work “from a sheet”, but this is much less efficient.

Price per hour consultation:
— from 250 USD. / hour (from a sheet)
— from 350 USD. / hour (with preparation)

Express diagnostics of the organizational project management or PMO
Duration: 2-3 hours - 1 week

We conduct an express assessment of the management infrastructure for the implementation of organizational changes and IT solutions (performance, processes, ceremonies, reporting, information system) and the project management office performance, give recommendations, validate findings with the client’s team, present the results to management, form a plan for the next steps (roadmap).

Our wide assortment of diagnostic tools allows you to get an idea of ​​the existing control system and its problems, spending from 2-3 hours to 1 week on it, depending on the required depth, budget, and available time.

Who is the most likely to formulate a request:

  • Top management and company owners
  • Director of Strategy and Development
  • Heads of project management offices
  • Project/programme/portfolio managers

Price from 1000 USD.

Deep dive diagnostics

We evaluate the project and change management approach of an organization, department or program (maturity of processes, performance, reporting, PMS, etc.) or the activities of the project management office (goals, services, customer satisfaction, etc.), look for the causes of problems that arise when choosing and implementing projects, together with the client’s representatives, we validate the issues, prepare recommendations, and form an implementation roadmap.

Duration from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the depth, available time, budget, willingness to allocate time of the client’s managers and employees.

The more accurate the diagnosis, the stronger the proposed solutions, the easier the introduction and sustainment of the new order.

Our offer :

Our experts:

  • will diagnose the current state of organizational project management at the level of the company, project, program, as well as analyze the performance of the project management office

  • prepare recommendations for improvements based on the diagnostic study

  • draw up a plan for quickly solving urgent problems and a roadmap for the development of organizational project management and project management office for 3-6-12-24 months

Consulting on portfolio and project management

We help to build a transparent, efficient and balanced system for the selection and implementation of programs and projects within a company, unit or portfolio, an effective support infrastructure in the form of a project management office.

Due to extensive practical experience and our own research, we:

  • find the root causes of problems and clarify them together with you

  • work in partnership with you, and not just with our “hands” or “talking head”

  • help to negotiate and carefully implement changes in the company operations

Our offer :
  • assess the status of organizational project management and PMO
  • form a clear vision of the goals and objectives of the project management office and organizational project management, which is understandable to the owners, C-Level executives and managers of the organization
  • ensure the involvement of management in the process of organizational change
  • re-engineer project management processes, set up a decision-making system and project communication
  • develop and implement project monitoring process at the portfolio or program level
  • develop and implement selection processes and prioritization of projects — from idea to project
  • set up quality control management projects — work out reporting procedures and formats, build KPI measurement systems by projects
  • form and revise key agreements on project activities
  • create and update methodology documentation for project management and programs
  • train the project management office team and project participants who will be able to support the new order in the future
PPM automation using Jira and low-code solutions

We ensure that the management of portfolios, programs and individual projects receives the information necessary for decision-making.

We automate routine processes by implementing a corporate information project management system based on no-code/low-code IT tools such as Jira, Confluence, Fibery, Coda and others.

Using IT tools, we help to implement and adhere to the rules of project management more easily, reduce the risk of errors and distortions in the information received by management.

Our offer :

Our offer:

  • assistance in formulating goals, requirements and key results for the PMS implementation project, assistance in choosing the best solution
  • selection, configuration and implementation of No-code / low-code IT tools and methods for managing programs and projects using Atlassian ecosystem products (Jira, Confluence and others)
  • implementation of PMS to manage various aspects of the project, incl. terms, resources, finances, work, risks, etc.
  • training in working with PMS, preparation of role instructions for participants in project activities
  • set up of a unified communication environment, a space for joint work on projects for members of internal and external teams
  • ensuring effective monitoring of the project portfolio — dependencies, deadlines, workload of employees, transparency of project progress
  • introduction of uniform project management rules with the possibility of subsequent adaptation to the specifics of the project, teams — agile / waterfall / mix
  • formation of a convenient repository of project documentation with the possibility of joint processing and improvements
Project Management Coaching

PM coaching is a technology for supporting the project manager with an experienced mentor; increases the efficiency of project implementation or organizational change implementation over a very short time horizon, starting from 2-3 weeks.

The task of the coach is to impartially evaluate the program and project management approach, help the leader and the team to identify key management bottlenecks that are not always obvious to PM and project team and help focus on their solution, provide appropriate management tools and methods, with the help of feedback, contribute to their effective application in practice.

PM coaching is extremely useful when launching a project or program, especially in the absence of a sufficiently experienced or professional employee, it is suitable for the situation of replacing the project manager, the need to bring the project out of the crisis, setting up regular management to ensure transparency and predictability of the project.

Our offer :

PM coaching also helps:

  • take a deeper look at problems and their causes

  • develop more options for solving problems of a project, program or project management office

  • check for feasibility of solutions

  • increase project transparency

  • focus on customer expectations

  • anticipate possible risks

  • increase the competence of the project manager or team


We train the heads of project teams and PMOs in project management skills, the use of IT tools, the creation and development of project management methodology and setting up a project management office in a company. The programs combine our practical experience and generally accepted approaches, PMBoK, PRINCE2 standards, etc.

We talk about approaches, methods and tools in terms of their performance in different situations, while relying on our own profound consulting experience in project management, as well as on the experience of project work of the participants in the training session.

We offer face-to-face and online group training in three formats:
30-120 minutes
2-6 hours
1-3 days
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