How can project management and your services help us?

Tackling the most frequently asked questions

We often do not meet the deadlines and budget of projects and do not achieve the planned benefits. How can you help us?

We will diagnose your organization project management and help you to understand the causes of problems. We can also provide PM coaching to a problematic project, and at our trainings and workshops on project planning, you will learn how to plan projects for different horizons and analyze your real cases.

I don't trust reports
I do not trust the project reporting that is provided to me, I cannot get the necessary information from project managers in a clear and concise manner. How can you help?

We can set up quality control of project management — work out procedures and reporting formats. We also help to systematize and automate management processes, which will allow the company to increase the transparency and effectiveness of projects and tasks. Our trainings and workshops on project monitoring will teach you how to measure the progress of a project and tell you how to make a status report an understandable and useful tool.

Constant rush
We constantly have a huge number of projects and tasks in the company, a shortage of staff, everyone is overloaded, and priorities are constantly changing. What can be done to avoid constant rush and missed deadlines?

It is necessary to diagnose the project management system, identify problems, after which it may be necessary to set up a project portfolio management system, automate planning and resource accounting. Our training courses will help you figure it out on your own (accompanied by our experts):

  • work-shops on resource planning, where you will choose the appropriate approach to resource planning, you can make the resource plan flexible working tool
  • trainings and work-shops for project managers who want to learn how to set and delegate tasks correctly, increase the percentage of completed tasks and to establish effective collaboration of the project team.
Stepping on the same rake in every project
We constantly step on the same rake in projects. What can you advise to improve the situation?

Our educational products will teach you how to organize team work systematically and efficiently. You will learn how and where to save and use «lessons learned» and project best practices, how to organize collaboration, how to create and use checklists to avoid mistakes in work, and much more. We can also develop and implement a project and change management methodology that will avoid most of the recurring issues and errors.

Project management office busy with bureaucracy
We have a project management office, but it is mainly involved in bureaucratic procedures and reporting, and does not bring real benefits to the company. How to make a project management office truly useful for business?

To begin with, it is necessary to form a clear vision of the goals and objectives of the project management office and project management, and coordinate it with the owners and managers of the organization. Next, you need to fix the project management processes, select, implement and configure the appropriate IT tools, implement and configure the project management methodology. We also recommend you lectures, trainings and work-shops on project management offices and organization of project activities in a company, which will tell you how to build a strong project management office, create your own project management methodology and much more.

Agile instead of project management
Is the implementation of project management still relevant or is it the time to switch exclusively to product management and Agile?

Project management approach, as before, is relevant for managing projects. But you should not limit yourself to using various methods, including agile ones. The main thing is to do it appropriately and correctly, which will help you with a series of trainings and lectures on hybrid project management, from which you will learn how to combine Agile and classical management methods (PMBoK, Prince2) to achieve the desired result and get acquainted with the author’s hybrid method Puzzle PM.

What is the implementation of project management and project management office?
What does it mean to implement project management and create a project management office in an organization?

Most often, the implementation of project management involves the diagnosis of current issues, project documentation and the regulatory and methodological framework for project management, the development of methodology and the creation of decision-making on projects (management and project committees + reporting), training of employees involved in project activities, in individual cases — the introduction of a project management information system, and, of course, the launch or reformatting of the project management office and the implementation of developed solutions.

How do we know that you can be of service to us?
We have little experience with project management consultants. Where can we start to understand if you can be of service to us?

We recommend that you formulate an initial request and problems that bother you and contact us for a free consultation or use the “Express diagnostics of themanagement system”. So you will not only get to know our consultants, but also get several options for solving your problem.

And how long to wait for results after implementation?
How quickly will project management deliver first results?

With regard to the growth of manageability and transparency, which will be noticeable at the level of the organization

a) for a separate project — from 1 month

b) for a company, from 2 months.

Impact on project parameters and benefits is possible on the horizon from 3 months to a year.

Employees against change
We tried to implement project management, but faced resistance from employees. How do you act in such a situation?

Resistance often arises because the benefits of introducing something new are not obvious. You can contact us for a free consultation, where we will select the appropriate solution and format of work together.

How to choose a methodology?
How to choose an appropriate methodology? Is it worth developing our own methodology if there are a lot of different methodologies on the market?

To choose the right methodology, you need to understand your needs, study existing methodologies and choose those methods and tools that suit your company and strategy. Our educational products on project management offices and hybrid project management will help you with this. Also, our experts can help you make a choice in the course of express or in-depth diagnostics.

Can't delegate
I spend a lot of time immersing myself in projects and manual controls. How can you help me?

We will help to bring order to the project management processes and automate them, set up a decision-making rules, including management reporting and project communications. And our educational products will help to sort the process of project management and its various aspects through.

Project results do not adopt
The output of our IT and organizational projects are either not used or not used as we planned, and, as a result, do not bring the expected effect. What can you advise?

We know how to ensure the survival of project output, we will help you determine the metrics, set up management reporting, accompany the implementation of the project product, monitor the survival in practice

Information is late
I get information about problems in projects too late when there is little that can be done or it is too expensive. How can you help?

Our trainings and work-shops on monitoring will help you figure out what can be considered a deviation from the normal course of implementation, using examples of real status reports, you will understand what to include in the status report, what to focus on, and what to avoid . We also encourage you to take a look at our Risks and Issues courses, which will teach you and your team to distinguish problems from risks, complaints, and opportunities, and to formulate problems in a way that will be heard. You will learn how to manage risks and problems on a project to prevent problems rather than put out fires.

How to develop project management?
We have already done a lot in organizational project management in the company. How can we understand where to develop and move on?

We suggest you use the «Express diagnostics of the control system», as a result of which you, together with our experts, will form a plan for the next steps to improve control.

Methodology does not adopt
We have developed a project methodology several times, but it never adopts. What could be the reason? Should we try again?

Of course you should, but first, visit our work-shop «8 steps to your own project methodology» to find out what methodologies exist, how they work and choose what is right for you. Our team of experts can also help you develop a project methodology in a consulting format or as a part of the implementation and development of project management.

When is a project management office needed?
We have thought about creating a project management office, but have not yet finally decided. Tell me how to decide whether a project management office is needed?

We invite you to get acquainted with our courses on the topic of building project management offices. You can also specify your request and contact us for a free consultation or use the «Express diagnostics of the management system»

How to understand that the methodology suits us?
How will we understand that the developed project methodology meets our objectives taking into account our specifics and problems?

We invite you to attend the work-shop «8 Steps to Your Own Project Methodology» to find out what methodologies exist, how they work and understand what is right for you. You can also use the «Express diagnostics of the management system». Our team can also help you develop a methodology. First, when we develop a methodology, we do it in close partnership with the client, secondly, we test the methodology to cover all relevant issues; thirdly, we jointly pilot the developed solutions on projects to confirm its viability and usefulness for solving the identified problems.

Is implementation long?
How long does it take to implement organizational project management and set up a project management office?

It all depends on the level of maturity of project management in the company, as well as the goals and objectives facing it. On average, from 6 months to 2 years. We recommend that you use the «Express diagnostics of the management system» and our experts will assess the state of project activities and the work of the project management office in your company and suggest steps to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Why your company?
How are you different from other companies in your area?
  • We are strong with a combination of experience in consulting, Project Manager and PMO Manager roles
  • We are not tied to a specific IT solution, the business task is our focus
  • When we implement the methodology, we already know which IT tools will help
  • We «dig» to the root causes of problems and clarify them for our client, rather than running to implement “best practices”
  • Our team works in partnership with the client, and not just «hands» or «talking head»
  • We help the client to negotiate with the company’s stakeholders
  • We carefully implement changes, ensuring their adoption
  • We teach the use of specific skills and tools without explicit reference to popular project management standards
Do you have any questions?

Our experts are ready to discuss your specific tasks and provide recommendations on your project.

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