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19 Dec 2022
How to Measure Organizational Project Management?
In a modern organization, it is impossible to manage programs, projects, and all project activities in general, blindly without the necessary information. The basis for forming such information can be a system of metrics that describes all areas of Organizational Project Management (hereafter — OPM) and consists of three groups: results metrics, project maturity metrics, and other organizational project management functioning metrics. In this article, we will talk about all of these groups.
25 Nov 2022
Developed a New Project Management Methodology. What's Next?
So, the C-level management decided on the need for changes in the project management methodology. A working group was assembled, and the changes were designed and agreed upon at the highest level. And this is only the beginning of the journey, although much work has already been done.
09 Nov 2022
What are the Key Benefits of Organization Project Management Compared to Relying on PMs Capability only?
Standards and rules are a long-term investment, a kind of insurance against possible major damage in case of project failure. Like the principles by which any insurance works, its presence is invisible until everything is going well, so at some point, it may seem that your investment is in vain. And in general, unlike insurance, which works only after the occurrence of an insured event, investments in PM are even less noticeable, because they often prevent the occurrence of an insured event.
03 Nov 2022
Why do Some Project Managers Hate Project Management?
In many organizations, it is widely believed that project management is designed to make the life of a project manager easier and more convenient. And when the implementation of organizational project management does not work as planned and as a result does not bring the expected benefits, a natural question arises: what went wrong? One of the answers to it is very simple: project management for the project manager is a myth.
17 Oct 2022
Project Management Office Power Factors
In our time, when the world around us is unpredictable and rapidly changing, projects are one of the tools that allow companies to quickly and efficiently implement organizational changes and launch new products.
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