We are a team of consultants focused on improving the management capability of organizational changes and IT solutions’ implementation.

We select and implement methods and IT tools for managing projects and organizational changes that are suitable for your goals, help launch and develop a project management office, coach and train C-level and middle management, PMO leaders, and project managers.

Our team

Andrey Malakhov
Managing partner
Project management expert for the implementation of organizational changes and IT solutions
  • 20 years of experience in setting up and automating project management, implementing organizational changes in medium and large organizations (retail, banks and insurance, telecom, engineering, petrochemistry, nuclear industry, electronics, food production, public sector, logging)
  • 5 years of experience in relaunching strategic project management offices as a manager, including work in:
    • UniCredit Bank — the largest bank with foreign capital,
    • Bank Renaissance Credit — one of the largest retail banks;
  • Managed project portfolios of up to 70 projects and more than 60 million euros at UniCredit Bank, and portfolios of more than 25 projects and more than 20 million US dollars at Renaissance Credit Bank;
  • Author of the hybrid project management method: Paracelsus PM (2019);
  • Lecturer at the RANEPA, the Higher School of Project Management at the Higher School of Economics, the creator of author’s training courses — more than 1300 people have attended Andrey’s seminars and trainings.

Experience in implementing large projects:

  • Creation of joint production of TV equipment with an annual output of up to 700 thousand pieces per year,
  • Organization of a terminal and ATM network of a large bank from scratch,
  • Centralization of the functions of remote issuance of POS loans and the sale of insurance in a retail bank,
  • Full-scale implementation of ERP systems from scratch in several large enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrumentation and electronics.
Vasily Skalon

Project manager, project management and time management consultant, coach,  and PM coach.

Work experience — more than 10 years.

Among his projects:

  • transition to IFRS 17 and DWH program at the top insurance company
  • coaching of pilot projects on the implementation of organizational project management methodology in a large chemical company
  • PMO management in the largest timber holding
  • implementation of PMS in regional authorities
  • development and implementation of a project management system in a large aviation holding
Irina Vorontsova
Senior Consultant

Expert in the development and implementation of project management methodology, PM coach.

Work experience — more than 7 years.

Develops project management strategies and manages the work of the PMO:

  • participated in the development of a strategy for socio-economic development and the set-up of organizational project management in a regional public administration office 
  • developed a methodology for managing project programs in a large industrial holding
  • developed a project management methodology in a large chemical holding
  • developed various methodological and regulatory documents
Daria Zaitseva
Senior Consultant

Project management consultant, PM coach

Work experience — more than 7 years.

  • Conducts training and facilitation sessions on various project topics
  • Develops training programs and materials for them
  • Organizes and conducts training events (conducted more than 10 long-term training programs)
  • Develops regulatory and methodological documents
Vladimir Frolov
Senior Consultant

Project Manager, PMS Implementation Consultant

Anastasia Zabaykina
Business analyst

Consultant, PM coach, Marketing Specialist

Anastasia Timofeeva
Business analyst

Consultant, Knowledge Management Expert

Delia Salakhutdinova

PMS Implementation Consultant

Daria Voglyadalova

PMS Implementation Consultant

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