We help to deliver strategies and improve business efficiency through successful management of organizational changes and IT solutions implementation

Our toolkit: methods of project and change management | project management offices | automation of portfolio and program management on Jira and low-code platforms | training, and PM coaching in project and change management
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When is the right time to consider the management excellence of organizational changes and IT solutions implementation?
The number and complexity of projects is growing, manageability is declining
Customers and project participants are dissatisfied with the work process and outputs
Budgets and deadlines are out of control, scope is creeping, goals are missed
Employees work in emergency mode, but do not have time to complete tasks
It is impossible to get complete and up-to-date information on projects
The outputs of many projects are not used as planned but go into thrash can
What can we offer to address your request?

Our experts, together with the customer, will find the root causes for inefficiency and possible risks when using the existing approach to the management of organizational changes and IT solutions implementation, project implementation. Together with the Customer, we will form a clear vision of steps to improve the work with the portfolio, program, transformation, individual projects

We will implement:

  • mechanisms for the conscious and coordinated selection of projects for implementation, taking into account their feasibility, value and cost
  • mechanisms for clearly defining and prioritizing goals, deliverables and requirements, taking into account time and resource constraints, cutting off all the unnecessary
  • regular and systematic management in the implementation of organizational changes (projects’ execution)
  • practices of communication, involvement of stakeholders and work with feedback to prevent resistance in the implementation of organizational changes (projects’ execution)
  • incentive and bonus systems for management and participants in changes and projects, creating favorable conditions for project participants
  • mechanisms for learning lessons and using them to avoid problems and risks in the future

We will develop the skills of leaders and managers to manage projects and organizational changes

Our experts will launch or develop change and project implementation control towers (project management offices)

Who and how can we help?

You are the Head of an Organization (Department, Portfolio, Program)
  • you see that projects miss deadlines, exceed budget, customers complain, and the planned effects are not achieved
  • understand that the deliverables of projects are not applied or used inefficiently
  • do not know what is happening in projects, cannot make decisions due to lacking, incomplete or unreliable information
  • cannot develop realistic plans, assess and justify the need for resources to implement plans
  • spend a lot of time on meetings or administration effort related to projects
  • find it difficult to choose the appropriate methods (Agile, waterfall, hybrid) and IT tools for your work
  • do not know how to assess the need to create a project management office in your situation, determine its goals, objectives and functions
We will help
  • ensure transparency of projects, make decisions based on the most complete and up-to-date information
  • develop realistic plans, assess and justify the need for resources, plan and make decisions based on up-to-date data
  • increase efficiency or reduce meeting time, quickly and clearly allocate responsibility for projects without losing control
  • ensure the adoption of project results
  • choose the appropriate methods and management tools for your specific tasks and the specifics of the company
  • determine the need for a project management office, its goals, objectives and functions
You are the Head of Project management office
  • you do not have time to solve strategic challenges due to the volume of routine operations
  • top management considers your work to be secondary and requires you to demonstrate the value of the project management office in a short time
  • top management cannot clearly formulate the goals and objectives of the project management office, does not provide sufficient resources to achieve the set goals
  • the project management office cannot accurately predict the timing, amount of required resources, timely identify and escalate issues and risks
  • top management does not trust project reporting, is dissatisfied with its completeness, quality, promptness
  • you lack the knowledge, experience or «smart hands» to develop and update the methodology
We will help
  • quickly and successfully enter a new role of the Head of the Project management office (even if you did not have such experience)
  • agree with top management on the goals, objectives and functions of the project management office, the roadmap for the development of project management and the necessary resources
  • reduce the volume of routine project administration activities due to the selection and implementation of IT tools
  • show «quick wins» and convince management of the strategic importance of the project management office and project methodology, build partnerships with top managers
  • achieve the trust of top management due to complete and up-to-date reporting, the obvious usefulness of the project management office
  • develop and implement a modern «non-bureaucratic» methodology
You are a CIO
  • you are constantly faced with:
    • missed deadlines, late notification of risks and issues
    • the lack of transparency of the progress of projects
    • overload of employees or downtime of expensive staff
    • the inability to convincingly justify the need to hire and outsource resources or the inability to fulfill customer requests due to a lack of resources
  • you need:
    • accurately plan deadlines and resources to complete a portfolio of IT projects and tasks
    • make realistic commitments 
    • quickly reallocate resources, taking into account ongoing changes
We will help
  • plan realistic deadlines and resources for the implementation of projects and tasks, taking into account the priorities of customers
  • timely identify contradictions between the timing and the availble resources, justifiably refuse when resources are overloaded
  • give the internal IT customer a choice of what can be done given available resources
  • determine and justify in advance the need for the right specialists for portfolio implementation, the need for outsourcing or hiring
  • quickly reallocate resources when new conditions arise
  • see variances in effort and timing of projects in advance, identify and eliminate the causes of variances, inefficiently used resources
You are a HR Manager
  • You need training programs that focus on developing practical skills and transferring them to work
  • You are looking for a combination of practical experience and teaching talent in trainers
  • You want to adapt the programs to the context of the company and the tasks of the management
  • You are looking for a non-theoretical trainings — for example, just based on PMBoK
  • You want to share good practices within your company
  • You want to form a professional community of leaders and project and organizational changes managers
We will help
  • conduct training with a necessary minimum of theory, analysis of cases based on the practice of participants and other companies, analysis of typical mistakes and development of methods and tools that will allow such mistakes to be avoided
  • finalize the training program in such a way that it meets the needs of internal customers and trainees, and moreover, form such a request as part of express diagnostics in the format of a focus group or interview
  • convey the importance, usefulness and availability of project and change management methods and tools
We offer
Free consultation
We discuss your request and determine how we can help you, give several specific tools or options for solving your problem that can be applied in practice, share links to materials for additional study, everything is almost like a paid consultation, only without diving into your specifics and for the time allotted to it.
Paid consultation
As part of the consultation, we analyze your questions regarding project management, implementation of organizational changes and IT solutions, launching or developing the function of a project management office, selecting and implementing a project management information system (PMS), and developing the competencies of participants in company projects.
Express Diagnostics
We conduct an express assessment of the organizational project and change management (performance, processes, meetings, reporting, information system) and the perfomance of the project management office, give recommendations, validate findings with the client’s team, present the results to management, form a plan for the next steps (roadmap).
In-depth Diagnostics
We evaluate the organizational project and change management of an organization, department or program (maturity of processes, performance, reporting, PMS, etc.) or the activities of the project management office (goals, services, satisfaction, etc.), look for the causes of problems that arise when choosing and implementing project, together with the client’s representatives, we validate the issues, prepare recommendations, and form an implementation roadmap.
Consulting on portfolio and project management
We help to build a transparent, efficient and balanced system for the selection and implementation of programs and projects within a company, division or portfolio, an effective support infrastructure in the form of a project management office.
PPM automation using Jira and low-code
We ensure that the management of portfolios, programs and individual projects receives the information necessary for decision-making. We automate routine processes by implementing a corporate information project management system (corporate PMS) based on no-code/low-code IT tools such as Jira, Confluence, Fibery, Coda and others.
Project Management Coaching
Project management coaching is a technology for supporting the project manager with an experienced mentor; increases the efficiency of project implementation or organizational change implementation over a very short time horizon, starting from 2-3 weeks.
We train the project and team leaders and heads of project management offices in project management skills, use of IT tools, creation and development of organizational project management and a project management office in a company. We combine our practical experience and generally accepted approaches, PMBoK, PRINCE2, SCRUM and other frameworks and standards.
As a result

Your company delivers the planned outputs of projects, programs, transformations and organizational changes more transparently, faster and cheaper

The most important and necessary projects are being implemented, only what is needed is included in the scope of projects, the excess is excluded

Projects (organizational changes) are successfully implemented: the outputs are used in practice, and the goals are achieved, benefits are realized, taking into account cost and time constraints

Limited and costly resources for projects/organizational changes are rationally managed

The organization accumulates experience, knowledge and competencies for even more successful implementation of organizational changes and IT projects, avoiding costly issues

Management time for decision making and communication is saved up

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